I am a visual artist from Greece based in between London & Athens. Working across moving image, installation, performance, painting, drawing and text, and in dialogue with misinterpreted psychoanalytic and philosophic concepts, I invent non-linear storytelling narratives to interrogate one’s relationship to the Other. I am interested in the multiple forms this Other can take, such as of language, society, the law, one’s own self, or simply of another. Through examining these relationships, I explore themes around belonging/ not belonging, queer identities and power systems.


My work aims to access a pre-oral knowledge that meanders in between the conscious and the unconscious mind, often depicting the conflict between reality and fantasy. At the core of the conflict between these two worlds lies language, which either manipulates or gets manipulated in its attempt to symbolize non-articulated perceptions and desires. The distorted use of language in my work necessitates the invisible disassembling and reassembling of meaning. As far as feminism opens up space for a different kind of knowing, I see this process as feminist. Although my research is informed by feminist theory, its influence on my work is structural, rather than a topic of concern. I see femininity as an existential condition rooted in all human beings through which we can access chaotic worlds that escape the order of language.


  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS, 2021
  • Resident Artist at Conditions Studio Programme, 2020
  • MA Royal College of Art, Contemporary Art Practice, September 2019
  • BA Fine Arts and Design, Athens University of Applied Sciences, 2015


Mr. Cook, Writing Space Resident Writer, Open Space, London, 2021 

Conditions, Unit No.48 & No.66, Whitgift Centre, London, 2021

Visualising Care, curated by the Duke Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Online, Duke University, U.S., 2021

Ask Self-Doll ep.3 commission, curated by Akis Kokkinos, Benjamin Dardy & Lenette Lua, Online, Gasworks, London, 2021

no-body's room, curated by The Room Projects & LUX London, Paris, 2021

Hoax Publication, Digital Exhibition, UK, 2020

I Wanna Show You How, curated by Loose Threads, Digital Exhibition, UK, 2020

Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, Digital Exhibition, Greece, 2020

Queer Art(ists) Now, Rose Lipman Building, London, 2020

23rd International Encounters Traverse, Le Cratere Cinema & Institute of Fine Arts, Toulouse, 2020

Tricky Women Animation Festival, Vienna, 2020

The Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Paris, 2020

Women in Balkan Animation, curated by Mina Sablic, 14th Zabroffka International Short Film Festival, Białystok, Poland, 2019

Athens Festival of Queer Performance, FAC Research, Athens, 2019

Dispatch Feminist Moving Image, Late at Tate, Tate St Ives, UK, 2019

Disorder Live Art Festival, curated by Disorder live art collective, Wolverhampton, UK, 2019

Scurgriness Lecture Series, CAP HUB, Royal College of Art, London, 2019

Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London, 2019

Togetherness, Assembly Point, London, 2019

Disorders, curated by Disorder live art collective, Studio 9294, London, 2019

Nothing really mattress, invited by Panicattack Duo, South London Gallery, London, 2019

Femme, curated by Kat Hudson, VFD and Rio Cinema Dalston, London, 2018

5' of Your Time, curated by Nigel Rolfe, Testbed1, London, 2018

Live pt 2, Royal College of Art, London, 2018

Revolve Performance Art Days Festival, organised by Uppsala Konst Museum, Sweden, 2018

WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London, 2018

Body Electric, Dyson Gallery, London, 2017

Audiovisual Arts Festival, represented by AIAF, Athens Megaron, Athens, 2017

The End, Solo Exhibition, Hoxton, Athens, 2017 (solo)

Lush Art in Austere Times, Isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017

70 Years of Greek Animation, curated by ASIFA HELLAS, ASFA, Athens, 2016

Artists' Cards, Elika Gallery, Athens, 2016

Heatwave, curated by 3137, Pantheon Building, Athens, 2016

81st TIF, represented by Cheapart, Thessaloniki, 2016

BOMB, curated by Take Over Athens, Romantso, Athens, 2016

This for me and this for you, curated by Dildo Tattoo, Romantso, Athens, 2016

12th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, 2016

Animert, Tribute to Greek animation, TV channel ΕΡΤ, 2016

Best Greek animated films, selected by AIAF, Institut Français d'Athènes, Athens, 2015


1st Hellas Filmbox Berlin Festival 2016 (Berlin)

21th Athens International Film Festival 2015 (Greece)

38th Patra Greek Short Film Festival 2015 (Greece)

56th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2015 (Greece)

8th Animasyros International Animation Festival 2015 (Greece)

13th Monstra International Animation Festival 2014 (Portugal)

4th Be There International Animation Festival 2013 (Greece)

4th Anibar International Animation Festival 2013 (Kosovo)

19th Athens International FILM Festival 2013 (Greece)

10th Naoussa International Film Festival 2013 (Greece)

10 European Animated Film Festival Balkanima 2013 (Serbia)

10th Animateka International Animation Festival 2013 (Slovenia)

5th Reanimania International Animation Festival 2013 (Armenia)

2nd Butiful International Film Festival 2013 (England)

9th World Festival of Animated Film - Varna 2013 (Bulgary)

37th Cinanima International Animation Festival 2013 (Portugal)

15th Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013: 1st Greek Student Selection

6th Animasyros International Animation Festival 2013: Best Greek Student Animation


Artist Volunteer, Assisting artists with learning disabilities, ActionSpace, London 2020

Facilitator of Marina Abramovic Method, As One, curated by MAI & NEON, Benaki Museum 2016

Contributor at 8 Session-experiments, led by Li-E Chen - A Silent Opera on the Life and Art of Tehching Hsieh 2017- 2018


Artworks Fellowship Program 2021

CEZ Creative Practitioners Fund 2020

Leventis Foundation scholar 2018-2019

Leventis Foundation scholar 2017-2018


Boxing @ Golden Corner: 2nd place: Greek National Boxing Championship A' Category, 2016

Muay Thai @ White Tiger: 1st place: 15th National Muay Thai Championship, 2014


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