Mum I’m Scurgry

Mum I’m Scurgry, animation film, Royal College of Art degree show, Eleni Tomadaki, 2019

Mum I’m Scurgry is a silent 6’40’’ animation film which is constructed from black lines that form and reform abstract transmuting figures on a white background. These figures compose a moving image collage of a fragmented body that strives to set its outlines and establish itself in the realm of reality. This process intersects breast feeding, care and intimacy with sexuality, endangerment, violence and devourment and turns any interaction into a disastrous encounter with the Other. As such, otherness fails to exist as a separate and detached body throughout the video on its whole.


Linking phenomenologically unlinked phenomena, the project aims to access the innocence and vulgarity of a pre-oral knowledge that meanders in between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Sound design: Eleni Papalitsa