Scurgriness Lecture Series

SCURGRY(adj) translation

Origin: Scurgriness(n) / Scurgry(adj) derives from the verbs scared and hungry. It is also claimed that Scurgry used to be a penis enlargement product.

Definition: No official definition has been found. It is believed that several attempts to define Scurgriness have been made throughout human history, outside the norms of language.

Previous attempts include: manifestations of Scurgriness on the skin, in nightmares, dreams, hallucinations, fantasy, phobias, irrational behaviours, manias etc.

Special Characteristics: Throughout the passing of the years, Scurgriness re-invents itself and the individual is called to give their own definition to it.

Culture and Civilization: In some cultures it is believed that Scurgriness traps the individual in repetitive uncanny behaviours that dominate their relationship to the internal and external world.

Pending: The artist has to accept that she possess no certainty or authority on Scurgriness.

Sources: unknown

Scurgriness Lecture Series, interactive performance series, Eleni Tomadaki, Royal College of Art Degree Show, 2019.

The word Scurgriness(n) / Scurgry(adj) was invented at the Royal College of Art degree show 2019, for the title of my graduation project Mum I’m Scurgry. This led to the initiation of Scurgriness Lecture Series which took part also at the Royal College of Art degree show 2019. Scurgriness Lecture Series is an interactive performative lecture in which Dr Tomadaki is teaching the audience –or her students as she prefers to call them- what Scurgriness means although Scurgriness is not to be defined through language.

Thanks to Silvia Tanzini & Antonis Maros, Kit Mead and Emma Finn for the photos/videos. Video to follow soon.